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History of Casinos

In modern English times, a casino is defined as a house that accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Locations where casinos are most common are near hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships and other major tourist attractions. Back in the day they were not called casinos but Gambling Houses, the exact origin of gambling houses isn't really well known but the Chinese were the first to record their official account of gambling back in 2300 BC but many historians do think that gambling in some form or another has been present in every single society dating back as far as history goes. Back in the Ancient Greeks as well as in Roman times, gambling has been present. Games of chance they have been called.

The very first recorded documentation of gambling houses was first spotted in Europe, the gambling house was called Ridotto, which was founded in Venice in 1638, and it was built to help control gambling when the city was in carnival season. Ridotto was closed in 1770 when the city government started to see that it made the locals poorer. In American history, the very early gaming houses were called Saloons. These were created in 4 major cities across the United States, New Orleans, St Louis, Chicago and San Francisco. Travels when they would come into town could find locals to drink and talk with and sometimes gamble with.

Slot machines in Las Vegas

In the 20th century in American, gambling was forbidden and many states banned the idea of gambling. Then in 1931, gambling was actually legalized in the state of Nevada, especially in Las Vegas and Reno. By 1978, New Jersey allowed casinos to be built in Atlantic City and now today both Las Vegas and Atlantic City are 2 of the most popular places in the United States to gamble. As gambling started to grow more and more across the United States, the government has set up an age limit where you can gamble, it ranges depending on what stat you are from but the age range is 16 to 21 and you will find the same any where in world where there is gambling. Each state also has a Gaming Commission that oversees the casinos and they enforce the laws and the codes that all casinos in the United States need to follow.

Many gamblers enjoy playing the game of chance, you simply choose a game that you like, place a bet and play the game, if you win then you can win money and if you lose you get nothing. The more familiar games you will find in most of the casinos all over the world are Slot Machines, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, Pai Gow, Craps and Baccarat. Many people choose gambling as their way to make income for their families; they make playing poker a career. It is fun to spend the day at the casino and winning or loosing money you can afford to lose, but for some gambling can be addictive and you can lose more than just your money if you are not careful.